Commercial Art & Graphic Design Class


Course Description

Students will compile a portfolio of works using the principles of composition and 2D design for commercial applications; Illustration, typography, branding, iconography, product packaging, & advertising.

The five-step design process will be emphasized;
  1. Research/Client need assessment
  2. Idea-generation/visualization
  3. Evaluation & selection
  4. Development of comprehensive proposal mock-ups
  5. Preparation of “camera-ready,” pre-press artwork.

Students will work on both individual and collaborative projects. Most of the class will involve traditional media like drawing, painting and collage, but students will be introduced to digital techniques; hardware and software applications

SCED CODE: 05162 Graphic Design

Graphic Design (Commercial Art) Class emphasizes design elements and principles in the purposeful arrangement of images and text to communicate a message. They focus on creating art products such as advertisements, product designs, and identity symbols. Graphic Design courses may investigate the computer’s influence on and role in creating contemporary designs and provide a cultural and historical study of master design works of different periods and styles.

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  • This wiki is still under development (as is the course at this time)- our hope is to make this class available for the 2014-15 academic year.- 4/12/14
Graphic Design